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ECOLOFLEXSPC HyB series Tin-Free Hydrolysis type Anti-Fouling paint

Nippon Paint’s ECOLOFLEX HyB series was developed to further improve the performance and predictability of antifouling paint to new levels.
This provides 60 month service life by providing very accurate polishing rates and eliminating skeleton layers on the coating’s surface.
This has been achieved by combining in a unique hybrid the ultra- reliability of Copper acrylate and the silyl resins.
Both new building and repair vessels have verified ECOLOFLEX HyB antifouling efficiency.
Thanks to the resin’s superb performance and reliability – this resin forms the the basis for our unique LF-Sea Low-Friction fuel saving product.


ECOLOFLEX HyB types possess progressive patented technology to constantly expose fresh antifouling film to the ship’s surface.
Over time this technology is extremely reliable and efficient.

Development of new Hydrolysis Resin

These examples show the expected antifouling performance over time.
Conventional self-polishing types usual have a life of around 2 years before the antifouling efficiency expiries.
ECOLOFLEX HyB provide constantly reliable levels of performance right up the end of the service period.

Polishing property of Self-smoothing A/F
Track Record

Proof of performance

  • VLCC (259,000 dwt)
  • Speed:14 knots
  • Route:Japan - Middle East
  • Service life:30 months
  • VLCC (300,000 dwt)
  • Speed:16 knots
  • Route:Japan - Middle East
  • Service life:30 months
  • LNG (62,510 dwt)
  • Speed:15 knots
  • Route:Japan - Australia
  • Service life:30 months
  • LPG (50,741 dwt)
  • Speed:15 knots
  • Route:Japan - Middle East
  • Service life:30 months
  • Coastal Freighter (499 gt)
  • Speed:12 knots
  • Route:Japan
  • Service life:14 months