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EVER COOL Solar Reflective Coating Primer Finish

EVER COOL is a unique paint that can reduce the heat transmission on the a ship’s deck – reducing the cargo’s heat rise or reducing the power required for airconditioning.
EVER COOL is made up of an epoxy / polyurethane system so it can easily be applied by ship’s crews in service.
EVER COOL was developed from Nippon Paint’s advanced technology in other industries – but modified into an highly resistant marine coating system
Basic concept

EVER COOL uses super-high solar reflectance to deflect the solar heat absorbtion onto a surface on which it is applied

  • General Paint

A comparison between Evercool and panels coated with polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic coatings of the same colour shade
The results clearly show that even when compared with the (same) polyurethane resin as EVER COOL – there was a 23 deg.c. difference in the temperatures measured on the two surfaces in the same conditions.

Comparison of Surface Temperatures EVER COOL(solar reflective coating) v. Conventional paints
※Test Condition : Lab. Test ( RF-lamp 150W × 14min. )

After heating with a 150W lamp minutes – see the increase in surface temperature – the yellow line in EVER COOL.
Temperatures were monitored over the period and the results showed that EVER COOL provided a 22-23deg.c. lower surface temperature

Results RF-lamp 150Wx14minutes
Test paint

Nippon Paint carried out practical tests on a ship in service
Temperature sensors attached to the ship’s deck monitored the rises and falls in the deck’s temperature over time

Test paint Annual result

EVER COOL’s heat control is clearly shown.
The test continued for 6 months and and tempeture data taken every hour,
The green line shows room temperature and EVER COOL reduced the deck temperature by an average of 25 deg.c
At high temperatures, EVER COOL showed a temperature reduction of 28 deg.c.

Temperature  Variation over 24 hours during summer-measured on the decks above and then inside the ship
  • Te effect is not seen at low temperatures (end of January>February)
  • If the temperature increases after a period of cool (winter) – the solar reflection effect becomes apparent again
  • Using conventional paint the deck temperature showed 70deg.c. and Evercool provided a28deg.c. reduction
Areas to be coated,Uses

EVER COOL can provide effective antcorrosive and and efficient decorative performance to all exterior areas of the ship

Trac Records

Painting the deck of a ferry
EVER COOL can be applied by the ship’s crew.