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NOA 10F Anti-corrosive & Primer for Newbuilding use

Use of NOA10F in shipbuilding provides the user with a multitude of benefits.

NOA’s unique SI(Self-indication) function function clearly shows the applicator and the owner’s & yard’s inspectors where any low dry film thickness is.

NOA10F allows the yard to reduce the number of coats and provides an anticorrosive free of overcoating restrictions.
NOA10F can apply a smooth uniform coating of 250 microns dft in one coat.

Cutting-edge product
  • Adhesion between NOA and the final cosmetic coatings is excellent.
  • High abrasion resistance.
  • Low temperature application is possible with NOA 10F (LT)
Merits for Yard & Owner

Improved final quality.
Reduced Maintenance
Improved shipyard production efficiency.

Merits for Yard Merits for Owner
1 Anti-corrosive performance *SI function ◎ ( Reliability on the paint film )
2 DFT measurement / inspection *SI function ○ ( Labour & the number of people for site supervision )
3 Touch-up application * SI function ○ ( Labour & the number of people for site supervision )
4 Impact resistance
5 The number of products -
6 The number of painting -
7 VOC reduction
*Volume Solid Reduction of paint consumption
- -
8 Disposal of used cans Reduction of the number of cans - -
Track Records

NOA’s SI function provided assurance and reliable protection during the yard’s building process.
Management of the coating s and the assurance of dry film thickness is confirmed.

Superior adhesion to various final cosmetic coats.

One coat of anticorrosive possible.

Owners benefit greatly from reduced maintenance costs after delivery. This comes from NOA’s reliability and quality.