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NOA Nippon Paint Marine Optimized & Advanced Coating System

NOA is Nippon’s unique technology providing users for the first time with the ability to judge the correct thickness of the paint.
NOA’s unique patented technology reduces the need for complicated thickness checking by thickness gauges.
Visual judgment on film thickness is possible!
Use of this special technology is so effective, that it can reduce number of coats,man hours and consumption
The thickness required can be adjusted by the paint factory depending on service.
Concept of Sl Paint
Reduction of painting man-hour / costs by integrating primers and reducing the number of painting.
By integrating the number of primers to 1 or 2 and reducing the number of painting from 3 ( Current ) to 2, the man-hours for painting and costs can be reduced.
Benefits for Shipyard
  • Fewer types of product
  • Fewer painters required
  • Standardising paint work
  • Improved productivity
  • Improved safety
Benefits for Owner
  • Improved quality
  • Reduction in supervision / inspection
  • Reduction in maintenance
NOA range
  • Ballast tank: NOA60HS
  • Cargo hold: NOA 10F
  • Cargo hold abrasion resistant : NOA GF
  • Cargo oil tank / Grey water tanks: NOA PC
  • Deck superstructure : NOA10F Outside plate: NOA10F
  • Fresh water tank/drinking water tank (non solvent type): NOA 1000 FWT SF
  • Hull maintenance : NOA 10M
The line-up of NOA products

  • NOA60HS
  • NOA10F ewbuilding   Outer Hull  ( Anti-corrosive paints )
  • NOA10M Newbuilding and Maintenance & Repair   ( Anti-corrosive paints )