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ODEMARINE PF Odemarine PF is a unique special water based primer / finish for vessel interiors

ODEMARINE PF provides superior durability compared to alkyd resin paints.
It can be applied in accommodation / engine rooms and other interior dry-spaces.
Use of a single primer finish allows the shipyard to save time and cost
  • ODEMARINE PF is a single pack water borne epoxy and therefore contributes to VOC savings.
    • Low odour
    • Heavy metal free
    • Reduction in paint losses
  • Improved safety from zero flash point
  • Epoxy technology
  • Primer / finish
  • Outstanding corrosion protection and durability
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Excellent quick-drying
  • Reduced complication of systems and products in the yard
  • No flash rusting
Eco-friendly Water borne paint

Environmentally conscious product such as Low-VOC, Heavy metal-free, Reduction of paint disposal etc.

Sinqle coat system at 80-100 mic dry film thickness

More effective protection with one water borne epoxy than two coats of alkyd
Reduction of yard build time
Reduction in yard costs
The special mechanism which allows the epoxy to work in combination with a water solvent is unique to Nippon Paint.
Once cured the coating shows remarkable water resistance

Stable dispersion state in water.
Evaporation of volatile component
leads to the reaction.
In the reaction, the paint layer consists of epoxy structure is formed to enhance the durability and water resistance of the film.
Paint film performance
80μm x1 coat
Salt Spray Test
300 hours.
Combined Cycle Test
70 cycles
Water Resistance
Immersion for 3 weeks
Typical Oleoresinous System Primer
70μm x 1 coat
Top Coat 30μm x 1 coat
Outstanding adhesion

Excellent adhesion to inorganic zinc shopprimers, organic shopprimers, or alkyd anticorrosive.


Even in winter – one coat can be applied per day.

Reduction in the yard's logistics

ODEMARINE PF is both primer and finish and therefore savings can be made in types of products stared.

No flash rust

Interiors of accommodation, engine room, passageways, stores, lockers etc.


Can be overcoated with any type of dark finish paint (on decks etc.)

Track Record

Available on request

Deck Passage
Conditions before painting
Conditions after painting
Conditions before painting
Conditions during painting
Conditions after painting.
No dewetting is observed at burnt areas.