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Jan.10 2012

First in the world, “NOA 60HS One-Coat System” has been certified
by ClassNK as an alternative system for
PSPC (IMO: Performance Standard for Protective Coatings)

The product of Nippon Paint Marine Coatings (NPMC) for water ballast tank, NOA 60HS One-Coat System, has been certified by ClassNK (Nippon Kaiji Kyokai) as an alternative system for PSPC (IMO : Performance Standard for Protective Coatings) and as of 4 January 2012, Type Approval Certificate (TAC) has been issued. This is the first alternative coating system for PSPC in the world.

Previously, one-coat system was not allowed for PSPC. Because of the high evaluation for NOA 60HS with SI function*1, an ability to satisfy the test standards for alternative system*2, that are more stringent than for current PSPC system, joint implementation of test at site verifying the performance*3 and track record with One-Coat System for over 280 newbuildings*4, ClassNK has determined to issue a first TAC for an alternative system for PSPC.

NOA 60HS One-Coat System not only provides uniform paint film by SI function regulating excessive DFT but also eliminates the potential concerns with inter-coat adhesion / overcoating interval, which greatly contributes to long term corrosion prevention as well as assures long life span of vessel after delivery. On the other hand, as the improvement in productivity can be achieved for newbuilding, certain shipyards have already been considering adopting the system.

The typical coating specification of One-Coat System of NOA60HS is that 1 full coat and 1 stripe coat (touch-up coat if necessary), will achieve 320μm in accordance with PSPC. Application manual for One-Coat System is available for users.

Application for TAC with other class societies is also scheduled.

*1) SI stands for Self-Indicating or Self-Inspecting and is the function allowing a sprayer to confirm visually when paint film reaches the specified film thickness during / after application. It is NPMC’s patented technology.
*2) Reports from DNV have been issued for full test with NPMC’s shop primer and cross over test with 14 shop primers of other paint manufactures.
*3) Joint implementation of test at painting site has been made with support from JSTRA (Japan Ship Technology Research Association), Imabari Shipbuilding Co., Ltd. and Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding Co., Ltd.
*4) As of September 2011, track record of 288 vessels. (510 vessels including Two-Coat System.)

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