The World's First True Low-Friction Antifouling Paint

A biomimetic low-friction antifouling that works using Nippon Paint Marine's patented water trapping function to lower the hydrodynamic footprint of the hull.
Stable and long term fouling prevention is guaranteed by using Nippon Paint Marine's most effective self-smoothing copper-silyl-acrylate copolymer antifouling paint.
The combination of the clean hull, accurate and predictable self-smoothing as well as the unique water-trapping technology gives a verifiable effect.
This all combines to truly lower ships' surface friction leading to verifiable fuel and CO2 emission savings.

Product Name

The ‘LF’ in LF-Sea stands for Low-Friction Coating or Less Fuel Consumption.


  • Patented Copper silyl acrylate copolymer

    • Excellent antifouling performance
    • Long term and stable self-polishing
    • High volume solids
  • Water trapping technology

    • Smoother hull and super low friction
    • 4% fuel oil saving verified
  • Easy application

    • Applicable using standard practice and equipment
    • Direct application over existing antifouling


(1) Water trapping technology

LF-Sea's biomimetic technology was inspired from the skin of Tuna.

Water trapped layer.

A specially formulated and unique hydrogel has been incorporated into Nippon Paint Marine's ultra efficient copper silyl acrylate self-polishing antifouling paint.
This hydrogel then creates a microscopic water-trapped layer at the interface between the paint film and the seawater.
Hydrogel technology and the water-trapping it creates, leads to a reduction of the ships' frictional resistance.


Nippon Paint Marine is an acknowledged world leader in the development of new, sustainable and environmentally beneficial coatings.
This special technology was developed by Nippon Paint in conjunction with Osaka University and Kobe University.
LF-Sea's groundbreaking technology enabled shipowners to lower their ships' environment impact by reducing their frictional resistance leading to lower fuel consumption and reduced CO2 & Sox emissions.

Track Records

LF-Sea series products have been applied to 2,613 ships (as of June 2018) . (including A-LF-Sea)
As part of our continuous drive for improvement, Nippon Paint Marine are constantly reviewing ships' performance and condition in drydock.


Hull condition after 35 month service
LF-Sea provide excellent anti-fouling performance.

  • BC (266,140 DWT) , 15 knots, 35M


LF-Sea series complies with IMO-AFS2001 as tin-free anti-fouling system. Certification from Classification Societies is available.

  • JPMA (Japan Paint Manufactures Association)
  • DNV-GL
  • Lloyd's Register
  • Korean Register