Anti-corrosive & Primer for Newbuilding use
NOA10F is a dedicated and multi-purpose anti-corrosive & antiabrasive primer for newbuilding use.
NOA10F provides both owners & shipbuilders with a multitude of benefits and ensures that the newbuilding is applied with the correct and agreed specification.
NOA's unique SI (Self-indication) function clearly shows both the applicator and the owner's & yard's inspectors where any low dry film thickness may be.


  • Anti-abrasive epoxy

    • Heavy duty
    • Good adhesion
    • Proven protection
  • Self-Indicating Technology (SI)

    • Specified DFT secured
    • Coating quality & protection performance improved
  • Multi-purpose primers

    • Construction period shortened
    • Interval free system
    • Easy stocktaking


  • Owner's benefit
  • Builder's benefit
  • Long term protection
  • SI

  • Reducton of DFT measurement
    Reducton of Touch-up & repear
  • Strong & tough epoxy coating
  • Anti-

  • Asured quality control
  • Ability to overcoat
  • Multi-purpose

  • Fewer application procedures /coats

Track Records

NOA's SI function provided assurance and reliable protection during the yard's building process. Management of the coatings and the assurance of dry film thickness is confirmed.

Superior adhesion to various final cosmetic coats. A single coat of anticorrosive possible due to NOA's performance and SI function.

Owners benefit greatly from reduced maintenance coasts after delivery. It comes from NOA's reliability and quality and the assured thicknesses.
NOA's ability to assist the yard and the Owners' coating inspectors to ensure that the specification has been met saving time and improving production.