Ballast tanks are the skeleton of the ship. SI technology ensures thickness and protection.
NOA60HS complies with IMO-PSPC.

NOA 60HS is the dedicated version of NOA designed especially for use in ballast tanks, cargo oil tanks and voids.
For narrow and confined spaces, accurate application of correct thickness of coating is essential.
With NOA. Seeing is believing.


  • Type approved product IMO-PSPC

    • Long-term corrosion protection
    • Anti-abrasive performance
  • Self-Indicating Technology (SI)

    • Specified DFT
    • Reduction in inspection
    • Reduction of maintenance
  • Multi-purpose primers

    • Flexible coating
    • Resistance to cracking
    • Pinhole free formulation


(1) Self-Indicating Technology

Self-Indicating Technology works during application. The sprayer can judge thickness by colour as they work.
Paint application, even in the dark is more accurate with NOA
On edges and corners ; low film thickness can be seen, enabling the yard and painter to correct and build up thickness.
NOA is a film thickness controller.

  • Spray application

(2) Pinhole free formulation

NOA60HS has special pinhole free formulation
Nippon Paint's chemists achieved this by carefully balancing and adjusting the paint formulation

Balance adjustment of paint formulation

1) Delay of frying time

NOA's drying time was optimised to balance the surface drying with the release of bubbles and solvent from within the coating

(@ 28°C)
  DFT 100µm DFT 300µm DFT 600µm DFT 900µm
NOA 60HS 33min. 73min. 85min. 92min.
Current epoxy paint for WBT 16min. 35min. 40min. 43min.
2) Viscosity control

NOA60HS's Viscosity control was optimised by Nippon's chemists in order to achieve optimum results.
NOA60HS has better holdup and self-leveling properties than other epoxy coatings for ballast tanks
NOA60HS has a very uniform and smooth final coating.
Improving the viscosity of NOA60HS ensures excellent wettability. This ensures perfect coverage and adhesion.


NOA60HS Application(Video)

Track Records

NOA60HS has been applied over 1200 newbuildings.
NOA60HS has been protected ballast spaces perfectly for well over 10 years.
NOA60HS will be applicable to offshore projects such as windmills.


32,739 dwt Bulk Carrier (delivered in Mar 2005) 66 months after application
Good condition confirmed in topside tanks

312,423 dwt VLCC (delivered in Oct 2008) 59 months after application
No rust & corrosion observed

18,758 dwt Vehicle Carrier (delivered in Sep 2008) 60 months after application
Good condition without corrosion

11,179 dwt (920 TEU) Container (delivered in Jun 2005) 120 months after application
No rust & corrosion observed

80,920 dwt LNG carrier (delivered in Oct 2004) 120 months after application
Degree of rusting : below 0.01% of total coating areas


NOA60HS series complies with IMO PSPC-WBT & PSPC-COT.
Certification from Classification Societies is available.

  • ClassNK, - DNV-GL, - American Bureau of Shipping, - Lloyd’s Register
  • Bureau Veritas, - Korean Register

NOA60HS series is qualified by NORSOK M-501 (ISO12944)