NOA PC 700

NOA PC 700 is a phenolic / novolac epoxy coating designed for cargo oil tanks loaded with petroleum and chemical products. It offers superior resistance to petroleum products, solvents, water and chemical attack. NOA PC 700 protects cargo oil tanks from corrosion and prevent cargoes from contamination.
NOA PC 700 proves easy to clean during operation.


  • Epoxy phenolic / novolac technology

    • Resistance to a wide range cargoes
    • Corrosion protection
    • Lower VOC emission
    • Easy to clean
  • Self-Indicating Technology (SI)

    • Specified DFT secured
    • Coating quality & protection performance improved
  • Easy application

    • Fewer dry spray
    • Good workability


(1) Proven protection

PSPC test
Test parameter Acceptance criteria Test results Evaluation
Water resistance No blisters No rust No blisters No rust Passed
Pinholes 0 0 Passed
Adhesion >3.5Mpa 6.1Mpa Passed
Cathodic disbondment <8mm 1-2mm Passed
Undercutting <8mm 2.7mm Passed
U-bar No defects No defects Passed
Cargo resistance No blisters No Rust No blisters No Rust Passed

*NOA PC 700 applied in 2 coats × 160 mic.

  • Cathodic disbondment

    Disbondment from artificial holiday: 1-2mm
  • Undercutting

    Undercutting from scribe: Ave 2.7mm
  • Cargo resistance

    No blisters or rust

(2) Wide range of cargoes

  • NOA PC 700 is applicable to various types of cargoes.
Cargo list
Cargo NOA PC 700 NOA PC
LSA fuel oil Acceptable Acceptable
Xylenes Acceptable Acceptable
Methyl ethyl ketone Acceptable Non acceptable
Methanol Acceptable Non acceptable
45% Caustic Soda Acceptable Acceptable


Nippon Paint Marine has developed a special epoxy phenolic / novolac tank coating system “NOA PC 700”

  • Protection of cargo tanks from corrosion.
  • Maintenance of ship's structural strength.
  • Protection of the cargo(es) from contaminants.
  • Maintenance of the cargo's quality.
  • Easy tank cleaning.