Tough on Protection ; Easy on the Environment

Designed with the environment in mind, ODEMARINE PF is a single coat self-priming finish paint offering the anti-corrosive properties and durability of a traditional epoxy with the eco-friendly focus of a water-based formulation.
The self-priming properties of ODEMARINE also allow the system to be applied in a single coat, helping to reduce time and money spent on application.


  • Water-borne system

    • Nonflammable
    • Improvement of working conditions
  • Single pack epoxy

    • Good protection & adhesion
    • Easy application
    • Self-priming finish


(1) Water-borne system

Mechanism of film formation

  • Liquid paint

    Stable dispersion state in water.
  • Start to cure

    Evaporation of volatile component
    leads to the reaction.
  • Cured

    After curing a coating consisting of a tough epoxy structure is formed. Epoxy enhances the durability and water resistance of the cured film.

(2) Protection performance

Salt spray test (300 hours)

  • Alkyd system
    *(70 mic. + 30 mic.)
    (1 X 80 mic.)

•Test Result

Rusting from scribe
ODEMARINE PF < Alkyd system


Our parent group, Nippon Paint Holdings has developed and used water borne coatings in various industrial applications and fields.
With the environment and operational health and safety in mind, Nippon Paint Marine developed and introduced ODEMARINE PF into the newbuilding sector.


Engine room

Newbuilding ODEMARINE PF applied


ODEMARINE PF complies MED and fire retardant regulation.
Certification from Classification Societies is available.

  • MED / Bureau Veritas
  • ClassNK

Consult with your local Nippon Paint Marine representatives for more detail.