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No.1 Ecology and Only 1 Technology is Our Eternal Goal

Before anyone else in the world, we started to tackle the development of antifouling paint that contains no organic tin, which affects the ecology of marine life. We commercialized a revolutionary technology to visually diagnose the thickness of applied paint film, which nobody else had thought of. And today, we have developed a antifouling paint with a smooth surface that nobody has ever seen, conceptually based on the skin of dolphins and tuna, and launched the next-generation eco ship. NPMC generates the world's first and best products in various fields of antifouling and anti-corrosive paint for ships. The foundation of this capability is our original R&D technology, which we are going to introduce now.

Basic Research that Leads to Innovation
Because we are a general paint manufacturer, we can develop revolutionary marine paint.

NPMC's R&D division takes on the challenge of developing marine paints equipped with state-of-art functions and performance, with the environment as the issue of number-one priority. The foundation of its world-class ecology and technology is the R&D Headquarters of Japan's representative general paint maker, Nippon Paint. The headquarters has accumulated research data and technical know-how regarding the most advanced paint and paint films for automobiles, architectures, structures, industrial products, roads, and household products. Based on wide-ranging and deep basic research on paints and coatings, which we have cultivated as a leading company in the paint industry, we are continually challenging innovative technology development. Using the Group's comprehensive strength, we propose the optimal technological solutions for every kind of purpose and condition. We produce revolutionary marine paints that nobody has seen and nobody can copy.


Pride as a Pioneer
Aiming to Pass Down 130 Years of History as a Marine Paint Pion

Our long history of over 130 years, which we at Nippon Paint Group are very proud of, is the corporate history of a pioneer that has opened up the business market with consistently new technologies and products. Among them, marine paints handled by NPMC were the core business in Nippon Paint's establishment, and Nippon Paint Marine Coatings has always led the technical innovation of marine paints for over 130 years. For example, in the development of environmentally friendly products, which are dominant among marine paints today, NPMC began in the 1980s far ahead of other companies. That proves our unshakeable corporate spirit with the pride of continually being a pioneer. Wide research areas including the fine chemical field, which are equivalent to the areas of a general chemical manufacturer; and the breadth and extreme precision of marine paint development accumulated over many years - the combination of these two characteristics is the reason behind the features and strength of the R&D system of Nippon Paint Marine Coatings, with the general paint manufacturer Nippon Paint as its parent company.

The Latest Equipment and the Best Environment
Aiming to Enhance the Level of the Development Environment Targeting Further Environmentally Friendly Technologies

In order to create the latest technologies, we have always emphasized the establishment of cutting-edge equipment and the best possible research environment. A representative facility is the company-owned Coastal Laboratory, which can be said to be a pioneering approach as a paint manufacturer. Here, we conduct function evaluation tests by accurately reproducing actual marine fields from ship operation to anchorage, thus securing the quality of ship bottom paints and enabling the rapid enhancement of technology research and function improvement. Also, Nippon Paint Marine Coatings thoroughly pursues field paint control by dispatching technical staff with specialized knowledge in every kind of ship paint field. We continually promote further technology research and function improvement by our own company's employees, providing direct support so that our products provide optimal performance and feeding back field information to R&D.
While serving as an industry-government-university collaboration R&D base, we forward the latest technical information to the world paint industries and research further advanced environmentally friendly marine paints. We develop the best possible business solutions and provide them to shipbuilding manufacturers and ship owners.

Interview with a Developer
We promise to challenge technology development that the world wants five or ten years from now.

Today, handling the environmental problems symbolized by global warming is the highest-priority mission common to all industries. The international marine transportation industry surrounding us is no exception. The regulations requiring consideration on the environment, such as the reduction of CO2 emissions, prevention of marine pollution, and measures to reduce the environmental load in the shipbuilding field are getting increasingly stricter. Therefore, many marine transportation / shipbuilding companies are hastily developing "eco ships" with reduced CO2 emissions. We, as a marine paint manufacturer, also have to accelerate the supply of products that contribute to the improvement of fuel consumption with further advanced technology. Centered on R&D Headquarters with an abundance of accumulated basic research data, our manufacturing goal is to surprise the world with a revolutionary environmentally friendly technology based on a completely new concept, rather than improving the existing technology or upgrading products. With the comprehensive power of Nippon Paint Group as an expert in paint and paint films as our core competence, we will promptly respond to needs and continually supply future marine paints that will be wanted five or ten years from now. Please hold high expectations from our activities also in the future.